The Choice Series: Edward Lane

Eddie Lane was a DJ and a manager while I worked at Choice.

Eddie Cropped.jpg

I began dancing in 2006. Until I began working with Eddie in 2015, I had never heard a strip club DJ refer to dancers as “women” over the microphone. Every previous DJ referred to us as “girls.” I consider it an act of feminism to specify the difference, and I appreciated his discretion in nomenclature.

Eddie Lane has a few ancestors on the Dawes rolls and identifies as a Cherokee. He enjoys hunting, fishing, eating fry bread, and spending quality time with his family in Minnesota. He is a mild mannered and polite coworker to have, with a few exceptions.

After Tom Hoskamer banned the club from hiring more black women, Eddie turned one away who came in to audition, then groaned heavily and put his head in his hands. Eddie used to enjoy going into the dressing room and playfully untying the bikini top of a young woman named Suki.

When Eddie discovered that I was setting my own prices for dances, he discouraged me from doing that.

In Eddie’s deposition, he mostly told the truth. In his testimony, he mostly told the truth. When encountering each other in the hallway at the hearing, he and I were pleasant. Expecting a win for me, I intended to send him a thank you letter about his testimony. I had wondered during the trial if he was hoping on a win for me.

Here is his deposition.