The Choice Series: Denise DuPey

Denise DuPey worked as a manager and cashier at Choice Gentlemen’s club. She was one of the most abominable women I have ever met in the industry. Denise emotionally battered most dancers at Choice, fired women for stepping outside to retrieve some fresh air, exercised control over them so badly that they regularly cried, and defended a sexual predator named Thomas Hoskamer— the owner of Choice and her boss. Edward Lane and Denise DuPey exhibited an extreme example of a good cop/bad cop dichotomy in the workplace.

Throughout history, women such as Elizabeth Bathory, Margaret Thatcher, Myra Hindley, predatory abusive nuns, countless hundreds of mothers promoting female genital mutilation in tribal Africa, and legions of nameless others, have devoted their lives to heinous acts. Feminism is flawed, because feminists are often unwilling to recognize the culpability and authority that a certain sector of women use to enforce harmful acts upon people less powerful than they are. Denise DuPey is absolutely one of those heinous personages.

A single mother from Wisconsin, Denise drove over two hours most nights of her life to manage Choice. I haven’t been able to find a photograph of her anywhere on the internet. She is a senior citizen, with short choppy bleached hair. She has beady eyes that are blue or green, papery peach wrinkled skin, and the vile, rigid, soulless face of a woman who enjoys making strippers cry. When a customer stole her phone, all of the dancers at Choice laughed with vengeful joy. The only dancer who I can recall Denise being kind to was a young woman named Jenna Heilman.

Going to trial against Choice, I wasn’t concerned about the club convincing any dancers to come in and testify on their behalf, because Denise was so hated. Other clubs that are more socially savvy have succeeded in convincing dancers to lie for them on the witness stand, but in the Choice matter, this was not a threat. Prior to working for Choice, Denise worked for a law firm. She bragged about her legal knowledge while she worked at Choice, in relation to it helping her do her current job. An avid reader, Denise spent her down time at Choice devouring novels and inhaling her vape pen. She had no qualms about violating the labor rights of Choice dancers, who were predominantly women of color.

If I had to compare Denise to any literary character in history, it would be a dementor from Harry Potter.


It sickens me to think of and describe Denise, which is why it has taken me weeks to post another article. Thinking of Denise is emotionally exhausting, even though it has been over three years since I have worked at Choice. I have to keep my description of her brief, because if I go on any longer, I will continue to be depressed and lethargic remembering her.

At my trial, Denise spent most of her testimony lying about me and my behavior while I worked at Choice. She successfully convinced the jury to believe her false statements. She stated that I spent the majority of my time at Choice sleeping on the couch, and that I frequently left work early to be with customers. She implied that I am a prostitute. The jury believed her. I even think my SJW lawyer who has never been to a strip club believed her.

The reality of my time working at Choice was much different. Choice had a night shift and a day shift. The day shift manager allowed dancers to enter and exit as they wished. When Denise came in during the nights, she would threaten to fire dancers who wanted to leave early. Often times, I would come to work in the middle of a day shift, around 3 PM. Sometimes, I needed to stay past the end of the day shift, into the night shift, in order to earn enough money for my bills. If I was truly an independent contractor, the concept of a “shift” wouldn’t matter, because I would be able to come and go as I pleased. Denise knew this, but did not care. She would threaten to fire me if I asked to leave the night shift early, even if I had been working for ten hours. Therefore, she would sometimes make me work thirteen or fourteen hour shifts. She would hold hostage my hundreds of dollars from VIP rooms, which the club kept until cashing dancers out at the end of the night. When I asked to leave early and was sometimes granted permission from her, it was only because I was tired and needed sleep. Sometimes if I was forced to work a long shift and no customers were in, I would close my eyes while lounging on one of the many couches.

I had a couple of audio recordings of Denise forbidding me from leaving work early. With the recordings, Denise knew that she could not get away with denying them on the witness stand. Therefore, she made up the lie about me being a prostitute who frequently left work early to meet up with customers outside of the club, and that was why she didn’t want me to leave early. Tim Phillips did not object to her implication that I am prostitute. The jury, ignorant to the Economic Realities Test, but misogynistic in nature with a seething hatred for strippers, nodded their heads as Denise testified. They soaked her in with exuberance. She told a number of other lies, but the aforementioned was the most damning.

Denise was no longer working at Choice during my trial. She moved on to working in a hair salon, after Jenna Heilman was murdered in a ghetto Minneapolis nightclub shooting.

Denise DuPey is a sad, despicable, lowly human being who has destroyed the happiness of many workers, in order to protect the business of Thomas Hoskamer.

Here is her bullshit deposition.