The Choice Series: Nancy Martinetto

Nancy Martinetto answered questions during the jury selection process that made me think she would favor worker rights, so I was happy when she made it through instead of being removed by Tom Hoskamer and his lawyer. An older lady, Mrs. Martinetto struck me as a classic Minnesota liberal. Unfortunately, she began experiencing some kind of cranky bout of dementia the next day or so. She was shrieking and shouting that she didn’t want to be there, both from the jury room and in the hallway while we were all breaking. I like a good spectacle, so it was entertaining to watch her shriek right next to Kyle Waterstreet’s ear. Judge Klein dismissed her from jury duty, and she happily frolicked out of the court room like a happy school girl. Instead of having seven jurors determine the outcome of my case, there were six after Mrs. Martinetto left.

It is extremely important that intelligent and caring people go to their jury duty, because their influence matters a lot. Many times, logical people figure out ways to avoid jury duty because they have never relied on a jury to determine their fate. I have written about this a couple of times already on this site that you can read about by typing “jury duty” into the search section. If Mrs. Martinetto didn’t want to go to jury duty, she should have just stayed home from the beginning and given a better person a chance to be part of my case as the seventh juror.

I googled Nancy, but the person I found online does not look like the one I saw in court. I don’t know much about her.