The Choice Series: Andrew Boursier

Andrew Boursier has autism. He spent his time in the jury box stimming. He appeared to be very tired and frustrated to be sitting in the jury box for so long. Surely he could have used his condition to get out of jury duty if he didn’t want to be there.


During the jury selection process, each side weeds out individuals who express obvious opinions that may be opposite to their goal. Andrew didn’t express any opinion one way or another, so he made it through.

It grosses me out that I had to discuss matters of my naked body and have Andrew be responsible for considering them. It literally makes my skin shiver with disgust as I write about it.

In the end, Andrew decided that while the owner admitted to misclassification and I was suing him for misclassification, I should lose the lawsuit. To Autistic Andrew Boursier, this matter meant nothing but an uncomfortable couple of days rocking back and forth in a jury box. To me, it broke my heart to have over ten thousand dollars stolen from me by horrible people who called me a prostitute, stole my time and violated my labor rights. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, justice system.