Stripper Labor Rights Hates Joe Biden

I’ve hated Joe Biden since the Obama presidency when I learned about his record on abortion politics. He’s not a good guy. It is an instinctual knowledge that I have had about this man for a long time. Recently women have come forward because of his creepy caresses and cuddling. He has joked about it since then and not really apologized. Joe Biden contributes to rape culture and the shitlibs who support him are going to give Trump a gift if they make Joe Biden the front runner. He will not win, because women and marginalized people will not vote for him. Trump will remain president for another four years.

Banning Recording Devices in The Workplace

This happened during Shakers Studies, so please pardon all the catching up I have to do on current events.

This is often referred to as “the new post-Boeing guidance.” It is now easier for exploitative, abusive employers to put a rule in their employee handbook, stating that workers cannot secretly record them. This includes states where it would otherwise be legal to do so. You can read more about it here.

I'm Back!

I had to temporarily put the site on private. I really hate doing that, but it was necessary this past week. Several people were wondering where I went. I was not harassed offline or legally made to hide my posts. Don’t worry, fans! I may have to go back on private in the future, for a temporary amount of time. I am not going to share why I have to do this. If you would like a password before then, please email me.

Class Action Updates

I am a part of two class actions right now. One is against VCG, from when I danced at Penthouse in Denver. The other is against Greg Flaig clubs and related Greg Flaig issues, from when I danced at Centerfold in Columbus. Both of these class actions are pending. Generally, class actions take a lot longer than individual suits. I am not heading either of these, nor have I ever headed a class action. If anybody would like information on how to join either class action, feel free to contact me.

SWERFS in The Trades

One can find all kinds of violent misogynist males in the trades who don’t deserve to breathe. Unfortunately for former sex workers, not only are men often horrible to us, but women as well. Oregon Women in Trades workers demolished a former strip club and made headlines several years ago because of it. One article called this “poetic justice.” I have trolled Oregon Tradeswomen over the years on social media, asking for clarification and a statement regarding how they view the validity of sex workers experiences. They don’t really respond. Usually former strippers hide their pasts when joining the trades, because there isn’t a lot of support. Oddly, there are many former sex workers who do join the trades. For athletic women with thick skins, joining the trades is a great career path to pursue if you are trying to get out of dancing. Many tradeswomen organizations foolishly think that they are going to make the trades 20% women by 2020, and use that as their motto. These same groups do nothing to support feminine women. I don’t know why they don’t just call their group Butches in The Trades, because that is who they cater to. It is really funny that anti-femme and anti-sex worker women’s trades groups think that they are going to increase the numbers of women in trades.

Stripper Rights in Washington State

The only fools today are misogynist sacks of shit who don’t like stripper labor rights!

Recently a bill passed in the state of Washington, which is meant to protect strippers. This stripper safety and security bill is different than other stripper bills, because it was created and promoted by strippers, rather than patronizing politicians, public officials, crazy Christians or ugly non-feminists against sex work. Here is a link to a page about the cool new bill in Washington: Click.


Shakers Studies: Final Thoughts

Looking over all of my Shakers Studies posts that I have made since last Summer, I realize how much I hate that place. Dan Robinson is terrible and the whole club sucks. Any positive comment or thought that I had about it was overshadowed by how awful it is in other ways. It was just a relief not to have to wear stripper shoes, shave my bush or have my hustle regulated by silly laws and rules.

Shakers is a place where violent hookers rule and disgusting farmers are allowed to sexually assault vulnerable young women who didn't know they could say no. I don't even like that dancer London who I posted about before. While doing this series, I learned that she does porn with that ugly rapist James Deen-- the guy who raped Stoya.

There were occasionally sane and/or attractive women working at Shakers, but they never stayed long. The Shakers staff and Charlene Hoeppner make sure it stays icky in there.

Dan Robinson is too dumb and evil to understand how gross Shakers is for women who aren't hookers, but he gets sympathy and hangs out with Charlene Hoeppner, so he thinks it's all justified. He's just a slimeball hypocrite who loves violating labor laws and harassing women into submission, or using his friends to make death threats until the dancers he wants gone leave. The club is known for being slow and having a bunch of ugly people working there. It's like binge watching the TLC network with midgets and retarded people all over the place. The VIP rooms have bottles of lube and boxes of tissue available on the coffee tables.

Rapists and sexual predators don't like it when women ask for money up front, because they can't assault someone that way and hold her money hostage. Rapists and sexual predators don't like it when women say no. Women like that are not welcome at Shakers. If someone would have murdered me at Shakers, Dan Robinson and his friends would have been fine with that. I hope an F-5 tornado forms over Shakers this Spring and kills everyone inside who I have posted about on this series.

Bravo to Elizabeth Mays and Kathleen Neary for winning their lawsuit, but this place is hopeless. I have audio recordings of almost all of my Shakers shifts if anybody wants them to sue the club in the future. My experience there was abnormal, and it is likely that anyone else suing the club would win. I'd be happy to help in any way that I can.

Modern Love in Omaha has some of the best vegan food in the USA.

Nebraska has a stunning Midwestern gothic mystique. There is poetry among the dusty great plains, quiet and haunting in it’s hopelessness. I can understand why Bruce Springsteen was suicidal when he wrote his lovely Nebraska album. It’s just that kind of a state.

Shakers Studies: Charlene Hoeppner is a website that stands for The Ultimate Strip Club List. It has some repulsive comments and reviews from customers that most dancers don't like to read, but the site is also a great resource for traveling dancers who need to find a club. I used it throughout most of my career, in conjunction with has a review of Shakers that describes the dancers as “Corn fed girls!!!!” and goes on to describe them in other unflattering ways.


Charlene Hoeppner is one corn fed woman who has worked at Shakers for a very long time. She uses Charlie as her stage name, and speaks in a vernacular dialect found in urban settings. She used to roll around on stage and allow customers to peer into her anus hole while her head was between her knees, pointed toward the floor. In the dressing room, she has stated that she usually gives customers her personal contact information if she likes them. She has a lesbian life partner named Jozette Cotton, but Charlie is also fairly sympathetic to male desires at work. She doesn't seem to understand women who have boundaries. Charlie's photograph is used on a large advertising vehicle that Shakers purchased prior to getting sued. Her photograph is also used in the front entrance of Shakers that customers see upon entering. She is good friends with the Shakers staff and is allowed to bully whoever she wants, whenever she wants, while she is at Shakers.

There are Shakers dancers who I have posted about, but have clarified that I don't actually hate. Charlie is not one of them. I fucking despise her and would shout with joy if I read a news report tomorrow that she died in some horrible roadside accident, if her brains were splattered all over the pavement and she left Earth forever. I'd sigh with relief that she no longer walked the planet. The world would be a much better place without her in it.

Charlene Hoeppner was horrible to me long before anything about my stripper labor rights activity came to light. During my early days at Shakers, should would go out of her way to approach customers who I had in my clutches, while I was already walking them to the lap dance rooms. She would strike up conversations with them if she had ever met them before, during times when they were handing me money or within steps of a lap dance booth. This is a low, scummy thing to do to another stripper, but that is the type of disgusting and repugnant territorial beast that Charlene Hoeppner is. Sometimes she loudly talked about me with customers while she was giving lap dances, and I was giving dances in nearby booths. She would inform customers that she did not like me and that she was happy I usually left before midnight. She would be a listening ear to men who complained that they could not put their hands on me or sexually violate my boundaries. People like Charlene Hoeppner are the reason why many strippers prefer not to work around escorts. Often times, escorts promote rape culture and sympathize with men who want sexual services.

To understand Charlene Hoeppner, one must understand what a typical Midwestern tundra pig is like-- territorial, chubby, spitting their venom at women who make them feel threatened, defending men who sexually assault women, with the temperament and attitude of Miss Piggy. Charlene Hoeppner has family origins in Florida, but she has been a Nebraskan for years. She's the type of gross Midwestern tundra pig that is mean to women who are quirky, attractive, intelligent, don’t go to tanning salons and are eclectic-- women like me. I avoided Charlene Hoeppner like the bubonic plague while I was at Shakers, as most travelers or interesting people would want to avoid a territorial, snortling charging beast like her. Most strip clubs have one. Many fast food places have them, as well as a large range of other places, such as the DMV or TSA. Charlene Hoeppners of the world are petty, confrontational, and they're not too afraid of assault and battery charges. They're usually friends with management or authority figures, who will protect their asses if things go wrong.

Charlene Hoeppner once came to Chicago to try to dance here, but she did not succeed financially. She cannot succeed anywhere outside of Shakers, where she can terrorize whomever she wants with the approval of Dan Robinson. She is not attractive of socially skilled enough to succeed elsewhere. She left Chicago angry and disoriented.


Except for my first couple of weeks, I didn't see Charlene Hoeppner much while I was at Shakers. Fortunately, she was off doing other things. Prior to my coming to Shakers, she ventured into co-owning a Nebraska tanning salon called Caribbean Tan. She is dumb though, so she lost about $15,000 with her shitty business plan. She also tried to be a business partner for a company called Westgate Travel. She's a crappy business person, so she still has to dance to make ends meet.

Charlie returned more frequently during my last week or two at Shakers, after Bergen&Seamans started going crazy. She pleasantly approached me on my second to last night of work. That was out of the ordinary. She asked me why I wasn't going on stage any more. I said that I didn't want to talk about it. She didn't bother me for the rest of that shift. Then, on my last night at Shakers, she went back to being horrible.

On my last night working at Shakers, I was sexually assaulted by a customer who touched my breast. It happened on the floor, before I even took him to the VIP room. Because Seamans&Bergen had already slandered me to all of the other customers, I had to talk to a disgusting guy who assaulted me. I took his money to the front podium and notified the staff that I was doing a VIP. Dillon had me go in room #7, because that was the only room with a camera in it. Dillon wasn't trying to protect me from sexual assault. I never saw Dillon protect any woman from sexual assault. The club was just trying to get footage of me engaging in prostitution so they could get rid of me. I am not a prostitute though, so they didn't get any footage. None of the other VIP rooms had cameras in them, because lots of hookers and rapists are at Shakers. Dan Robinson doesn't want to have footage of that and get in trouble for trafficking.

The customer who I took to room #7 left the session early, because I wouldn't fuck him or let him touch me. The customer spent the remainder of his time sitting at the bar, trash talking me with Seamans&Bergen. Seamans&Bergen spent a lot of time being complicit with sexual predators and rapists. They are sexually predatory themselves, so it didn't surprise me that they were hanging out with this guy.

After that customer left, I found another guy who didn't assault me, and took him to the ATM. While he was at the ATM, Charlene Hoeppner approached us. She was drunk and slurring her words, while swaying aggressively. She stepped her body in front of the customer and I and the ATM, and repeatedly urged him not to spend money on me. Steve Loe noticed what she was doing and chuckled, then walked away, because he is a low functioning coward who is friends with her.

Charlene Hoeppner and many other rapey people at Shakers make assumptions about the specific things I said to customers while I hustled there. Because I talked dirty and discussed sexually explicit subject matter, because of my intense eye contact, and because customers are often dumb, they often assumed that I was offering sexual services to them. Not once did I ever offer to have sex with a customer. Not once did I ever offer services to a customer that he did not receive. That didn't matter though, because customers would often leave disappointed, because I didn't do sexual things that all of the Shakers prostitutes did for them. That was never my fault. I never offered, but customers would make assumptions, then lie and complain about the specifics of what I said to them. Charlene Hoeppner and other predators at Shakers did think that this was my fault. Misogynists take a man's word and don't believe women, so there was a lot of that going on at Shakers. It's a symptom of rape culture, and Shakers financially benefits from rape culture.

On my last night at Shakers, Charlene Hoeppner followed me around. Unlike Lil' Sash who, in all her creepiness, kept a bit of distance while I was with customers-- Charelene Hoeppner put her body in between customers and I. I was tempted to punch her in the face, but I was so very outnumbered. It would not have ended well. Hoeppner would tell customers that I am a liar and urge them not to get dances. She would tell them that I lied to other customers and intentionally got them kicked out of the club. I never did that. I talked dirty, offered nothing, and said I wanted to do dances for them.

Seamans&Bergen didn't know quite how to fuck up my hustle once I was actually with a customer, because they weren't as aggressive and ruthless as Charlene Hoeppner. Molly Ruterbories assaulted me once, but that was about it. I was still able to make money if it was just Seamans&Bergen who I was up against, but not Hoeppner. At one point during my last shift, after Charlene Hoeppner took hundreds of dollars in sales away from me, she walked past me, winked, and said,

Thaz how yew do it, Boo.”

Bergen looked astounded and awe-struck with her. Then, the two fat lesbian hookers walked away and took my stolen customer to the VIP room together. I left early while Dan Robinson smiled and cheered that I was never coming back.

Rape and sexual assault happen at places like Shakers. If you are a dancer who is attractive, makes eye contact, or says sexually explicit things, that doesn't mean you are going to have sex with a customer or do anything you don't want to do. So often at Shakers, I witnessed sexual assault. So often at Shakers, men expected sexual services that I was unwilling to provide and never offered. So often at Shakers, men complained that I did not give them sexual services. So often at Shakers, staff and dancers believed what the men said. So often in society, people do not believe women. Shakers is a terrible place for new dancers to work at, because they don't know any better. Management doesn't do anything to stop it from happening. Shakers is a toxic place, partly because of people like Charlene Hoeppner.

Shakers Studies: Dakota Rae Bergen

St. Patrick's day weekend is almost here! It's that time of year when thousands of non-Irish Americans culturally appropriate and make a racist mockery of Irish people through the use of stupid accessories and drunken parties. In honor of that, brings you our next dancer on Shakers Studies... Dakota Rae Bergen! Dakota Rae Bergen is not Irish, but picked the stage name Riley. Her appropriated stage name is only the tip of the ice Bergen.


Dakota Rae Bergen is not Native American, but her Bergen progenitors thought it would be hip and cool to appropriate the name of an indigenous North American tribe for their Bergen baby. I'll just refer to her as Bergen for the rest of this post.

Bergen is not Swedish, but has a tattoo of a Dala horse on her thigh. She didn't know what it was and had to google it on her phone one day when I asked.

Bergen started dancing a little bit before I started working at Shakers. She was in her mid-to-late-twenties when starting her stripping career, which is a bit late compared to many other dancers. Around the same time that she became a stripper, she also became a webcam “model.” Her wealthy Bergen parents live in Colorado, and as far as I know, were still supporting her financially during her time at Shakers. If any of my readers have the dollar amount of how much money she was getting from the Bergen estate, please message me. I ask because her hustling skills were horrible at Shakers and I wondered about her daily survival expenses.

Bergen was very friendly with me when I first started working at Shakers. At first I was appreciative of her kindness. However, I became less appreciative as time went on and her creepy factor increased.

In addition to attempting webcam porn, Bergen and her lesbian sex playmate Sash Seamans were trying to profit from an indie upstart porno website. What I noticed Bergen doing in the strip club was talking to dancers and attempting to recruit them to be on the site. She suggested I come over to her place and make some porn together. I definitely didn't want to make porn with her. No amount of money would ever get me to do that. However, I went to the website a few times while I worked at Shakers, just to see what it had on it and to see which dancers participated. As far as I know, fur hag Gabrielle Es was the only one to do it. The site contains some of the grossest and most aesthetically displeasing porn I have ever seen in my life. I was disturbed by the way that Bergen used her time at Shakers to access dancers in private areas, trying to recruit. I have done adult modeling, and sometimes I look at erotica, so it's not that I am anti-porn. It was just the way she went about it and the content on the site that was appalling.

Bergen identifies as a lesbian and would often giggle to me about her orientation that she kept a secret from customers. Since she was a new dancer and ignorant to the inner workings of strip clubs, Bergen was under the impression that most dancers are heterosexual women who enjoy dancing naked for hoards of disgusting loser men. Of course, that is not true at all. Most dancers are not heterosexual, and most dancers only talk to customers for the money. Even for dancers who are attracted to some men, such as myself, the men who go to strip clubs are not the types of people who I would want. Bergen didn't get it though. She was a rich kid on a fun empowering adventure into the world of sex work, giggly about being a lesbian dancing for men and thinking she was unique. I really disliked all of those assumptions. I disliked having to deal with a Colorado trust fund tourist nympho, masquerading as a sex worker.

Bergen had bad boundaries with me at work. Multiple times, I would come into the dressing room at the beginning of a shift and she would touch my dresses, compliment them, touch my feet, rub them, and do other creepy things without ever asking consent to put her hands on me. Sometimes when lesbian and bisexual women start working in strip clubs, they feel it is appropriate to behave that way, like they have an automatic intimacy with dancers because we are in these close spaces naked and vulnerable. That is not true at all though-- nobody has any right or entitlement to touch another person, no matter where or who they are.

Bergen had a German Shepherd puppy who she was training at the same time that I was training my adult German Shepherd. She repeatedly asked me to hang out with her and have a doggy play date, but I blew her off multiple times. She felt slighted by this. I didn't tell her why, but I will write it on my blog now-- it is because she bought her dog from a breeder on Craigslist rather than going to a shelter. Her wealthy family members are dog breeders, and she grew up in an atmosphere where she found nothing wrong with exploiting the reproductive systems of dogs for profit, bringing puppies into the world, allowing humans to kidnap them and giving no regard to shelter animals. Her lack of respect for animal boundaries was consistent with her lack of respect for stripper boundaries.

Bergen would sit with customers for over an hour, stoned, talking to them or sometimes just staring into space while they watched the stage. This was bad for my income, because there were times when I knew I could easily get a guy to buy a dance if she wasn't sitting there. If it was slow, this was especially agonizing. I would have to sit and wait until she got up, which took forever. She was usually high and had the facial expression of someone with down's syndrome. I do not know how she afforded so much weed, other than income from other Bergens. She could not pole dance or do anything sexy on stage, and like a shit stain, a sopping wet fart, bumbling and fumbling with a big bow on top of her head like Betty Rubble, Bergen made her moves, and I would just think to myself, “What the actual fuck?”

Sometimes on nights when football was on, Dan Robinson would set up a table and put out crock pots, cheese, crackers and assorted grotesqueries for customers to graze. Bergen almost always came in on these nights, just to eat that food and break even with her house fee and gas money.

Bergen did not understand why I was at Shakers. I was at Shakers to get in, make as much money as possible, and leave before midnight so that I could enjoy my life. I was not there to flirt with my lesbian and bisexual coworkers. I was not there to hang out with the Robinsons. I was not there to sit stoned like a deer in a meadow. There were slow times when she and I would be sitting at a table together, a customer would come in, I would get up to talk to him and she would be offended that I cut her off from talking to me. Her entitlement to my time was the mark of a privileged narcissistic Bergen, unaware of the financial needs of people like me. It was amazingly offensive and hilarious.

Many heterosexual men who go to strip clubs have similar entitlement issues to women's time and energy. Therefore, talking to Bergen was a great way for them to vent. DJ Steve Loe was Bergen's friend and cannabis buddy. He was very happy with how warm and friendly Bergen was compared to me, who he thought was “cold.” DJ Steve Loe would taunt me for the sense of urgency that I had with hustling. He too did not understand my reason for being at Shakers.

DJ Steve Loe and dancer Sash Seamans convinced Bergen that I was plotting against them, during the time when I was asserting my rights and educating people about their rights. Bergen began threatening me, by discussing her martial arts skills and gun shooting skills. Bergen stated on her twitter that I was “bringing out” her “inner psycho” at work. Bergen began following me around, telling customers not to buy dances from me. Despite all of this, I still made money and sold rooms. It confused her. She did not understand my powerful effect on men.

Since a lot of Bergen's behavior overlapped with the behavior of Sash Seamans, the next post about Sash will discuss their teamwork.

Shakers Studies: Corleawn Ross

Corleawn Ross ended up a single mother of three by her mid-twenties. She supports her family by being a stripper, cause love don't pay the bill$, y'all.


One of the reasons why a lot of strippers are resistant to having their employee rights recognized, is that many strippers draw welfare money from the government. They don't like telling the IRS about the all the money they make per year from strip clubs. They'd rather continue getting welfare checks, and skip things like Title VII protection, benefits and a union.

Corleawn Ross went by Serenity at Shakers. I had a recurring problem there, where customers would be mad at me in the back room for not sucking their dicks or pleasing them sexually like several dancers did for them. I avoided customers who had been Serenity's, because this is what they expected out of me after being her customer. Like with Dallas, Serenity had a tendency to coddle misogynist losers who were mad at me for not giving them enough of my time or energy. Serenity contributed to gossip with regards to me being “cold” and “negative.” These are terms that misogynists and their sympathizers use when they feel entitled to a woman's time and attention.


As a word of advice to strip club patrons looking for a little more-- don't go for smoking hot Valkyries who sit by themselves sipping coffee. You'll get more bang for your buck in the back room if you pick a dancer who is desperate to break a hundred.

Serenity did this thing where she would loudly talk about people within ear shot, but not say anything directly to them. For example, one of her customers sexually assaulted me before I turned him down for a dance. He had a hatred for females because of his inability to attract one outside of the strip club. Serenity proceeded to discuss my negative attitude with him, loudly so I could hear. That's what passive-aggressive losers do together. It grossed me out to hear, but one will find a variety of misogynists in any industry who are willing to do the same thing.


Sometimes in strip clubs, I don't necessarily have to socialize or hustle customers for dances. I can just stoically sit by myself sipping coffee with my long porcelain legs draped over the chair, and they just come to me. Serenity noticed this and didn't like it very much. She didn't like it when I worked on nights that she worked.

The first time Serenity saw me, I was sitting by myself at an end bar stool drinking coffee. I keep a poker face and don't show my emotions in the strip club very often. She took one look at me and said loudly to her friends,

“She a NAZI!”

This was not the first time that I have had a dumb person stare at my svelte body type, complexion and stoicism and call me a NAZI. In fact, it has happened multiple times throughout my life in strip clubs. It especially freaks people out when I dance to Rammstein on stage instead of bouncy songs about ass. Being an introverted person only contributes to their delusions about who I am.

Serenity was taking a break from Shakers in the days leading up to my last shift, and on that last shift she learnt that the club had decided to switch over to calling us employees and recognizing those rights. As stated in previous entries, the club manipulated ignorant dancers into believing that this would be a bad thing. Serenity was very upset by it, almost in tears, and said to a customer who had asked her why they were switching,

“Cause girlz iz bein' dumb.”

I wasn't being dumb when distributing Know Your Rights fliers, suing strip clubs for misclassification and doing national press about it. Serenity is just a dumb person herself, with no knowledge of the labor movement. That's all. Shakers being pressured to recognize our rights was an amazing feat that I will forever hold dear, even if it was temporary.

Shakers Studies: Karma

Strip clubs are places where all kinds of cultural appropriation can be found. One way cultural appropriation happens in strip clubs is through dancer stage names. Karma is a popular stage name for strippers to pick. I've known Karmas in Oregon, Karmas in Minnesota, Karmas in Vegas, and most recently-- a Karma in Waverly, Nebraska.


A Sanskrit word, Karma is the Buddhist concept that refers to future consequences from a previous action. The concept of Karma has been appropriated and mutilated in the West in all sorts of ways. It is a victim-blaming term that does not hold abusers accountable, and blames sufferers. I do not believe that karma is real. Google is a great resource to find out more about how stupid it is when people talk about karma.

I drove Westward into Nebraska through I-80 on a warm Summer afternoon in 2017, with all of the clubs in the Lincoln-Omaha area written down in a notebook. I drove to whatever one my GPS said was closest to my Motel 6 room. That club was called Night Before Lounge and located in downtown Lincoln. I auditioned at Night Before Lounge. The owner told me that he makes the schedules and only gives dancers a few nights per week. He had me fill out a large application which had all kinds of questions about who I am. He said he'd call me, but never did. I needed to find work quick, so I kept looking and ended up in Waverly.

On one of my first nights at Shakers, Karma asked me if I was auditioning at Night Before Lounge the other night, and informed me that she knows the owner. She was there hanging out and saw me audition. She went on to tell me about other people who she knows in the Nebraska strip club scene, and informed me of her social connections. I avoid people who brag about their social connections and who stay in one spot like a barnacle for an excessive amount of time. I do this because their bragging annoys me, but also because they tend to ask prying questions about my life or find things out about me while at work that are none of their fucking business.

In subsequent nights, Karma would brag to me about how long she has known Dan Robinson. She would voluntarily strike up conversations with me about what a great guy he is, and how he built the club from the ground up all on his own. She never mentioned his losing the lawsuit. Karma would do things that dancers were made to do prior to Dan losing the lawsuit, like vacuum and clean the club. I have a strong visual memory of her vacuuming the floors while wearing a satin teal leotard and black stripper heels. I felt really sorry for Karma when seeing her vacuum like that. Making dancers clean the club but not paying them, giving them any benefits or employee recognition is a really disgusting thing to do, and then to see Karma doing it even after the rules were removed was pathetic.

Karma is around my age and a recovering addict. One time she was telling a group of dancers about how when she was a younger stripper, she was on a coked out binge and spent $10,000 at Buckle in a one year time span. I've gone to a few Buckle outlets since then, just to have a look around and calculate what they sell that could amount to $10,000. Honestly I can't picture it.

I'm glad I didn't know coke sniffing Karma. If I have to work with people on drugs, I prefer they are on opiates or sedatives. People on stimulants are extra annoying and combative. There were times when I would be sitting next to Karma and she'd nod off or stare into space, so I did wonder what drug she switched to after her coke days were over. It was a lot easier to work with her when she was sedated though, because at least then she wasn't trying to defend Dan Robinson.

When I stopped going on stage and began exercising my rights, Karma did not like that at all. She would comment on how messed up it was and ask management what was going on. She didn't understand it. She would try to physically intimidate me, but I wasn't intimidated at all, because while she has beautiful defined muscles, she is only about five feet tall.

Despite all of the above, I quietly cherished Karma's presence. She had no idea. I preferred to work when she worked, because she danced to metal and didn't behave like Molly Ruterbories. Shakers had a tendency to get a certain vibe in a short period of time, and I was happy to have Karma's stage presence serve as a buffer and cut through all of that. I can get really colloquial with describing the vibes at Shakers, but there are certain things that I don't put on the site. She holds her own really well. Her presence made my time there easier. Karma and I had an overlapping client base, and that didn't bother me at all. Our voices sound a lot of like. It is nice to have other women around with a similar kind of unapologetic femininity.

When I was having a partial seizure in the dressing room one night, she was kind and helpful to me.

Karma was not nice to me when I wore my blue Pict body paint. She asked if it was war paint, and participated in verbal degradation with regards to my labor rights advocacy. When I make myself look like an ancient Pict in the strip club, it is war paint. I don't culturally appropriate when I wear it. I am a modern Pict, proud of who I am and willing to stand up for what is right.

Shakers Studies: Molly Ruterbories

Molly Ruterbories physically assaulted me during one of my last shifts at Shakers. I was approaching a customer who I often spoke to. She stepped in front of me and forcefully rammed her arm into my throat. She instructed the customer not to talk to me any more, and he never did. She did this very shortly after Shakers told all of the dancers that the club was switching over to recognizing their employee rights. The way that Shakers described being employees made it sound very unpleasant, and Molly Ruterbories was upset by that fact. She knew that I had distributed fliers having to do with employee rights, and she heard a lot of gossip with regards to my history in the legal system. We barely ever talked before that incident, and while I thought she was dumb, I didn't mind working with her.

Molly Ruterbories didn't use a stage name. She just went by Molly. She's about six feet tall, very gangly, with strong bones and muscles, but no tits or ass. She was the only Shakers dancer who physically frightened me in a one-on-one scenario. I reported the assault to Dillon Maynard after it happened. He didn't want to be bothered by it, and just told me to call the police. He knew it was unlikely that I was going to get the police involved. I asked him for a copy of the camera footage, and he refused. That was one of the conversations between Dillon and I in which we were both audio recording each other at the same time. Dillon spent a lot of time monitoring me while I was sending text messages, walking up behind me and staring at the screen. However, he was uninterested in preventing people like Molly Rutoerbories from injuring my throat.

Molly Ruterbories comes from a conservative, upper middle class hhhuu-WYTE family in flyover country, USA. That’s her on the left in the padded bra.


In her late teens, Molly began a transformation. It was some straight up Rob Van Winkle shit. Molly was in her early twenties when we danced at Shakers together. She had the DJ play hardcore rap for her while she was on stage. She pronounced her words and sentences with the same vernacular that can be found in hardcore rap music. Right out of Rachel Dolezal's playbook, this young miss enjoys showing off new hair styles.


You'll find a lot of this in strip clubs. I don't understand it. Maybe young women like Molly are trying to prove toughness through cultural appropriation. Whatever the case may be, Molly was impregnated after her transformation, by one of her new friends. Most of her Shakers money went towards supporting the kid and getting through community college.


Peace out and word to ya motha.

Shakers Studies: Dallas

Shakers has a stripper who goes by the name of Dallas. I cannot find a photo of her. She is definitely not used for their facebook. That would deter customers from going into the club. The only celebrity or image from the media that I can think of who she resembles is the Bride of Shrek. I will post this for reference:


Dallas tells people she is from Texas and enhances that aspect of herself when trying to hustle. She fits almost no mainstream beauty standards, and wears hats made out of hair. Dallas spends a lot of time in the dressing room complaining about that fact. She feels very oppressed and persecuted by it. From a business perspective, I can see why most strip clubs would want to attract patrons. Therefore, I can understand why most strip clubs would not want to hire Dallas.

Dallas puts up with a lot of sexual assault from customers. By that, I mean I have watched men walk up to her from behind and place their hands on her intimate body parts, aggressively and playfully. She does not protest, back away or reprimand them in the same way that myself and other dancers do. Dallas does not have the privilege to pick and choose customers in the same way that I do. While I was working at Shakers, I would punch or strike men who sexually assaulted me. I was able to assert my boundaries at Shakers and still make money. That is because many people were willing to buy dances from me. Not so many people are willing to buy dances from Dallas, so she puts up with abuse from the worst kinds of customers. Being a bottom feeder is her only means of survival. That is the only way she is able to sell any dances at all. I do not know why she is a stripper. There are many jobs that would probably give her a lot more money than the income that stripping provides for her.

I was usually the only dancer at Shakers who can speak some Spanish, and there were times when I sold more dances to Spanish speaking people. Some nights, Dallas would approach these customers and make fun of their accents, language and heritage. These customers expressed no interest in buying dances from her, because of her physical appearance and behavior. That being said, it was confusing to me why she was expressing racist sentiments toward them when she is an oppressed, marginalized person herself.

If I was giving a lap dance or in the VIP room and a customer tried to touch me, I would stop them or end the dance. That is because I am not a prostitute or desperate. One thing that Dallas did, in order to make money, was to coddle the men who were upset with me for not letting them touch me. Then, she would discuss how “cold” I am. She would discuss how “cold” I am both on the floor and in the dressing room. She would loudly brag about how great her lap dances are compared to mine. It struck me as really stupid, because I genuinely did not care what she some gross predatory man thought of me not letting him touch me. It is sad to me when women get sexually assaulted and then other women escalate the harm done to them. I never said anything to her about that, and instead chose to completely ignore her.

Dallas knew that I was not going to be let back into work after January 1st. She was discussing it in the dressing room, and was enthusiastic about my departure. Even though she is really unattractive and horrible, she gets along with the Robinsons and non-dancer employees. Sometimes ShitLibs like Dan Robinson feel better about themselves, by spending time with people like Dallas.

When I distributed Know Your Rights fliers in the club, Dallas informed management right away when she saw them on the bathroom counter top. Even though she spends time complaining about her own oppression, she would prefer not to actually do anything to further the cause of stripper labor rights. Being a discontent scab is all she knows.

It is important for potential stripper labor advocates to understand that sometimes, you won’t always find solidarity from other marginalized people. Unfortunately, the media and education system tends to lie and avoid focusing on this phenomenon. However, it is OK for you to notice patterns in these situations and learn from them.